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Occlusion Solutions with Dr. Sowell at SPEAR Education

Dallas area dentist Dr. Mark Sowell is nationally recognized for his experience and knowledge when it comes to occlusion- the relationship between the upper and lower jaw. For many patients, an imbalance or problem with their occlusion causes a wide range of dental problems which can result in symptoms such as teeth grinding, worn teeth, headaches, jaw pain and difficulty chewing to name a few. Undiagnosed or untreated, poor occlusion can even lead to tooth loss.

At SPEAR Education in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Sowell recently taught a 3 day hands on workshop titled Occlusion in Clinical Practice. Teaching practicing dentists how to improve their technique as well as patient outcomes, Dr. Sowell discussed the benefits of a comprehensive approach to dentistry that evaluates the teeth, gums AND function of the jaw joints. Participating students are taught how to apply the principles of occlusion to record taking and diagnostic modeling when treating patients for better results.

As a Visiting Faculty Member of SPEAR Education, Dr. Sowell remains at the forefront of emerging techniques and technology in all aspects of dentistry.

Dental Educator, Experienced Practitioner

Occlusion Solutions with Dr. Sowell at SPEAR Education

Dr. Sowell dedicates many hours each year to educating colleagues through SPEAR and to participating in workshops that enhance his own knowledge. He strives to offer his patients dentistry that not only meets their needs and goals, but also supports a functional smile that will last. Occlusion is the foundation of a truly healthy smile, allowing the bite to function comfortably and harmoniously without unnecessary wear on the teeth and gums.

Providing a better patient experience in the dentist chair along with improved results is the goal of Dr. Sowell as both an educator and practitioner. He strives to develop a lasting relationship with patients as a partner in their overall health care, taking the time to understand the occlusion of each patient and educate them on the benefits of addressing any diagnosed bite problems.