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Get A Perfect Smile By Spring

Are you overwhelmed with the time commitment, pain, and expense of traditional braces, but dream of a straight smile you can be proud of? Orthodontists widely agree that braces are the most effective way to straighten teeth and offer the longest lasting results. However, the lengthy process can be a deterrent for many adults who fear the stigma of having braces. The industry is constantly striving to eliminate as many of the stressors associated with getting braces as possible, making the processes to a straighter smile more attractive and more accessible.

You can now obtain the smile of your dreams in time for all those summer vacation memories. In just six short months you can have a straighter, more confident smile.

Dallas cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Sowell offers orthodontic treatment with the progressive Six Month Smiles invisible braces system that addresses all the fears and anxiety of adult braces. The Six Month Smile service straightens teeth discreetly, quickly, and for less money than traditional veneers. With the tooth-colored wires & clear brackets, the braces are nearly invisible so they won’t be a distraction in your daily life.

Cosmetic Dentists of Plano understands how valuable your time is and strives to create your perfect smile in the quickest and most effective manner. Six Month Smiles utilizes unique Patient Tray Kits™ making appointments more convenient and more comfortable for you.

Why Choose Aesthetic Dentistry Centre by Dr. Sowell?

Dr. Sowell wants what’s best for your dental health – and your smile. With over 25 years of training and experience as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sowell will work with you to find the perfect fit, for your perfect smile. Dr. Sowell offers concierge style dental treatment that suits your busy schedule without ever compromising personal attentiveness or results.

Request a complimentary consultation today, to have a perfect smile by spring with Six Month Smiles.