Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist for Smile Enhancements

cosmetic dentist plano txDo you know what to ask, and what to look for when searching for an experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist? Dr. Mark Sowell is 1 of 40 cosmetic dentists worldwide to hold mastership status from The Academy of General Dentistry and Accredited Membership with The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Uniquely qualified and experienced, Dr. Sowell understands the complexities of creating a beautiful smile supported by a stable bite for long-term oral health. Dr. Sowell offers some advice on how to choose the right cosmetic dentist.

Trying to figure out how to choose a dentist to enhance your smile can be a baffling task for someone not in the profession. It is similar to buying a car without knowing what type of car you are getting, only that it will provide transportation. If you go to your general dentist whom you got from your insurance company list (PPO) you may have a familiarity or relationship with them. But, he does fillings and crowns on back teeth all day and they may not quite match your teeth if you look closely. So you say, I will look up a cosmetic dentist. The problem with this is anyone who is a dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic Dentistry is not a recognized specialty of the American Dental Association like Plastic Surgery with the American Medical Association. It could be like going to you primary care doctor to have plastic surgery done.

Checklist: Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

  • Schedule a consultation, most quality cosmetic dentists will offer a complimentary cosmetic consultation
  • Ask to see the dentist’s before & after photos of treatments similar to the procedures you are about to receive
  • Ask questions about the process, have your potential cosmetic dentist explain at length the procedure
  • Be sure they are qualified to complete the treatments needed
  • Ask if they offer sedation dentistry for your comfort
  • Be sure to have the dentist or office staff outline the exact costs, make sure there will be no hidden fees. But remember, cheaper prices may be compromising quality.
  • Ask if they fabricate their own restorations or send them out to a lab (this will take longer and results may not be as precise)
  • Most importantly, ask yourself, do you feel comfortable and confident?

Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation

If you are ready to find a qualified cosmetic dentist – this is the place to be. Dr. Mark Sowell has years of advanced training as a general dentist and cosmetic dentist – along with his experience as a sedation dentist, implant dentist, and emergency dentist – to give his patients more of what today’s dental care has to offer. Whether you need a cosmetic smile makeover or want to restore a functional smile, Dr. Sowell has the credentials and technology available to offer results that will meet your aesthetic and dental health goals.

Complimentary Consultation