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Tooth Sensitivity

Fix tooth sensitivityYou may notice your teeth hurt when you are eating ice cream or hot foods, and especially when switching between the two. Tooth sensitivity is a common oral health concern and may be a signifier of underlying oral health problems. If you experience sensitivity in your teeth it may be advised to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Sowell. Plano, TX dentist Dr. Sowell is highly trained and experienced in cosmetic and complex restorative dentistry.

Caused by the exposure of dentin, sensitivity in your teeth can be uncomfortable and inhibit your normal diet. Dentin is the material in the center of your teeth that contain thousands of tiny nerve endings. Dentin becomes exposed by the erosion of enamel. Tooth enamel is designed to protect the inner dentin. Over time, tooth decay, teeth grinding, and gum disease can leave nerve endings exposed. When exposed, dentin and your nerve endings are highly susceptible to temperature and pressure changes and can cause mild to moderate discomfort. If you have sensitive teeth it is important to know that it may be an indication of more complex oral health concerns.

Sensitive teeth may be a symptom of these complex dental health concerns:

Gum disease, broken teeth, and tooth decay are dental concerns that should be treated as soon as possible. Left untreated these dental concerns can develop into more serious medical conditions and may result in tooth loss or bone deterioration. Tooth sensitivity is often a symptom of these more complex conditions.

Sensitive teeth can be treated. If your sensitive teeth are linked to a complex dental health concern, Dr. Sowell will offer an individualized treatment plan that will restore the foundation of your natural smile. Dr. Sowell will address the cause of the sensitivity so that you may enjoy your optimal oral health.

Dental Treatments that may help reduce tooth sensitivity: