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When are mini dental implants used?

When are mini dental implants used?

Mini dental implants are used to replace missing teeth in patients with compromised bone tissue. Mini implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to secure a dental bridge or denture. Mini implants are a product of recent advancements made in implant dentistry. Mini implants make it possible to replace teeth with implants in patients that were once unqualified for a traditional implant due to deterioration in the jaw bone.

Mini implants are much smaller than traditional implants and can be secured in less bone tissue. Plano, TX restorative dentist Dr. Sowell has advanced training in the planning, implantation, and success of mini implants.

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Are mini dental implants right for me?

If you have been told that you require a bone graft, or if your jaw has been compromised, mini dental implants may be right for you. Dr. Sowell will be able to help you determine if traditional, mini implants or another type of dental implant will provide you with optimal stability and successful results.

In some cases, mini implants can be most-effective than traditional implants. For many patients, mini implants eliminate the need for bone grafting, an additional surgical treatment that requires lengthy downtimes. Mini implants can streamline the implant treatment helping patients restore their smiles in less time, with the same natural and long-lasting results.

Plano, TX implant dentist Dr. Mark Sowell provides personalized consultations for patients looking for solutions for missing teeth. A thorough analysis of the patients overall oral health and bone integrity will help Dr. Sowell determine which style of implants will best help you restore your oral health for a stable, functional, beautiful smile.