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Laser Dentistry in Plano, TX

Laser Dentistry in Plano, TX

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Laser dentistry technology is allowing patients to safely and effectively address their dental concerns. Laser dentistry is less invasive and promotes faster healing time for patients dealing with complex dental issues. Plano, TX dentist Dr. Mark Sowell utilizes laser dentistry technology for a wide range of treatments. Dr. Sowell is a highly trained dentist who is committed to providing the highest level of dental care.

At Aesthetic Dentistry Centre in Plano, TX, we offer state of the art technology and advanced techniques to identify and treat issues ranging from cavities to TMJ. Dr. Sowell has undergone advanced training in laser dentistry. When applicable, Dr. Sowell uses Biolase Epic Diode Laser which can be used to treat certain cosmetic dentistry concerns, teeth whitening and TMJ therapy.

What can laser dentistry be used to treat?

Laser dentistry can be used to treat a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry concerns. Dr. Sowell will examine the teeth, mouth, and gums to determine the best solution for your smile. Lasers can be used to for:

Why Choose Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry technology offers a variety of benefits. Patients with dental fear and anxiety may be able to receive the treatment they need because laser dentistry utilizes gentle, effective lasers to treat your dental concerns. Some patients may feel fear or anxiety due to loud, noisy drills. Laser dentistry is also noninvasive which may allow patients to receive multiple treatments in one visit. Other benefits of dental lasers include:

  • Drill-free dentistry
  • No sutures or surgery
  • Litte to no downtime after treatment
  • Triggers the body’s natural healing response (promotes healing)
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Reduces swelling and bleeding

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