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4 Delicious Foods for Healthy Teeth

4 Delicious Foods for Healthy Teeth
Everyone knows how important good nutrition is to living a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that besides chewing our food, there are a lot of foods that actually benefit our teeth? Our teeth need nutrients just like our other bones, so make sure you’re including these foods in your diet to keep your smile healthy and bright — they’re delicious, too!


Cheese, like many dairy products, is rich in calcium, which is great for bone health. Our bodies need calcium to help rebuild enamel and make our bones strong. Since we can’t produce our own calcium — it’s a mineral that we can only get by consuming it — and we lose it quickly, make sure you’re getting enough calcium in your diet by indulging in cheese as part of a healthy diet.


Indulging in too many carbohydrates, starches, and sugary foods can erode enamel. To satisfy your sweet tooth, pick up an apple instead. They’re rich in vitamin C, which helps reduce inflammation. Many people who suffer from inflamed gums would benefit from having some extra vitamin C in their diets. Other foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, oranges, and green peppers.


Even if you had plenty of calcium every day, without vitamin D, your body can’t absorb it. Consuming food rich in vitamin D, like tuna and salmon, helps your body absorb calcium and build strong teeth and bones. Another excellent source of vitamin D is really easy: the sun! Getting plenty of fresh air and sun on your skin does wonders for skin, hair, nails, teeth, and more!


Whole grains help lower the risk of gum disease and they also help heart health. Having oatmeal in the morning, as part of a healthy diet, can help keep your gums health. Be careful, though: most pre-packaged flavored packets are packed with sugar. Too much sugar will feed oral bacteria, which destroy enamel. To keep the sugar low, make your own plain oats and throw in some berries and mix with cinnamon to make it sweeter.

Consuming these fun, healthy foods can not only improve your dental health, but they’re great for your body overall. Make sure you’re having your teeth checked regularly as part of your dental health routine by keeping in touch with Dr. Sowell! Schedule a complimentary consultation online or call 972.382.6855 today!