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Can Missing Teeth Be Replaced in One Day?

Maybe you have been living with missing and damaged teeth, knowing you will probably need dentures but avoiding having the treatment done because you dread having to walk around with no teeth while they’re prepared. What if we told you that with just one visit to our Plano, TX dentist office you could have those damaged teeth extracted and walk out with a restored smile.

This revolutionary treatment is called “teeth in a day” by Dr. Sowell and his team and it can replace a full arch of missing teeth in just one day as promised. Now that’s something to smile about!

Teeth In A Day

In only one dental visit, Dr. Sowell can pull damaged and degraded teeth, place dental implants in the jawbone — sometimes as few as four per arch — and use them to secure a temporary dental restoration — dentures in layman’s terms. You will leave wearing temporary restorations while your permanent dentures, created with state of the art 3-D imaging and precise and extensive treatment planning, are being fabricated. Even most patients with compromised bone structure due to missing teeth for a long time can now receive implant secured dental restorations.

As anyone that has ever known a anyone living with traditional dentures, it can be a frustrating experience. Denture-wearers must deal with messy adhesives and cleaning solutions as well as worrying about their dentures slipping or falling out while eating or talking. Implant secured dentures eliminate these worries and frustrations while also improving the health of the jaw and bone.

By placing just four small titanium dental implants in one day, Dr. Sowell can give patients the peace of mind of a restored smile, along with the added oral health benefits. Dr. Sowell will install the, four implants in the jaw bone at precise locations to make optimal use of the remaining healthy bone structure. Once these have been set, your temporary dental restorations will be placed, allowing you to eat and talk normally.

Once they have been fabricated and the implant sites are fully healed and the implants themselves had bonded with the jaw, the permanent restorations will be placed. These will not only be durable but will serve all the functions that your natural teeth did while appearing completely natural themselves.

Schedule A Consultation

Dr. Sowell welcomes the opportunity to provide you a complimentary dental implant consultation in his Plano, TX office so that you can ask any further questions you might have about our “teeth in a day” treatment or any of the other cutting edge cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer. Dr. Sowell is a master of both the Academy of General Dentistry and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry — one of only 40 dentists worldwide to achieve both. Let Dr. Sowell help you give you the smile you’ve always wanted. You can schedule your complimentary consultation online or call (972) 382-6855 to speak to one of our care coordinators today.