Invisible Braces with Dr. Sowell

Dental Implants in Plano TX for missing teethCrooked or crowded teeth can do more damage than just causing embarrassment about your smile. They can also alter the stability and functionality of your bite, which can lead to various dental health problems later in life.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Dr. Mark Sowell in Plano, TX, offers both Invisalign® and ClearCorrect invisible braces to treat a variety of dental health and cosmetic concerns with their clear plastic aligners. Invisible braces can discreetly treat issues such as crooked or misaligned teeth, overbite, underbite and crossbite without the use of embarrassing and uncomfortable traditional metal braces. 

Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign employ a series of clear plastic appliances that will gently and discreetly reposition your teeth in nine to eighteen months’ time, with little impact on your daily activities. Dr. Sowell will plan your course of treatment and create the clear plastic aligners that will gently reposition your teeth.

Unlike with traditional metal braces, patients using invisible braces can still enjoy their favorite foods with no dietary restrictions. The aligners are intended to be worn for about 22 hours a day and specially designed to avoid irritating the gums or sensitive areas of the mouth. And when the patient wants to eat, perform oral hygiene or it’s time to switch to a new aligner based on the treatment plan, they can be easily removed.

Am I Too Old For Invisible Braces?

Even though our teeth are settled firmly into place by our 20’s, this does not mean that adults are “too old” for treatment with invisible braces to help straighten their teeth. Many adults achieve their dental goals with orthodontic treatment using invisible braces like Invisalign, ClearCorrect or even traditional braces. Invisible braces are used to treat conditions such as underbite, overbite, and tooth spacing concerns as well as straightening teeth. They are also frequently used as a method of repositioning teeth that have shifted after prior orthodontic treatment.

Why Should I Straighten My Teeth?

Straightening crooked or misaligned teeth is important for more than just cosmetic reasons. Crooked teeth are more susceptible to damage and tooth decay and cause your mouth to be more vulnerable to gum disease due to difficulty cleaning them. Serious overbite and underbite issues can lead to excessive or uneven wear on your teeth. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign or ClearCorrect can make teeth easier to properly brush and floss, possibly allowing them to last the rest of your life.

Whiten While You Straighten with Sensational Smiles

If you opt to receive Invisalign or ClearCorrect treatment from Plano, TX dentist Dr. Mark Sowell, you will receive complimentary professional-grade teeth-whitening gel — a $500 value — throughout the duration of your Invisalign/ClearCorrect treatment. 

You deserve to have the healthy, confident smile you’ve always wanted! If you’re ready to discuss what Invisalign and ClearCorrect can do for your smile, call (972) 382-6855 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sowell, or contact us online to create your unique treatment plan and discuss payment options. Sensational Smiles is dedicated to healthier smiles for all its patients so don’t hesitate to contact our Plano, TX office today.