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How Can Dental Bonding Help Me?

Have your teeth suffered wear and tear with age but you aren’t excited about the prospect of complicated and expensive dental procedures? A cosmetic bonding treatment may be the simple solution you have been looking for to refresh your smile. Dr. Mark Sowell, your source for exceptional dental care in Plano, TX, explains how this affordable procedure works.

dental bonding plano tx

What is tooth bonding?

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic procedure that corrects the appearance of damage and imperfections. Dr. Sowell uses plastic-based composite resin to fill in the dents and chips that may be visible in your smile. Composite resin begins with a soft consistency which allows it to be molded into surfaces like the spackle used in home repairs but instead to treat your teeth for a variety of issues.

Once the resin hardens or bonds to the enamel of your teeth — hence the name of the procedure — it will not only be as strong as your natural teeth but it will be indistinguishable from it as well. Dr. Sowell will choose a composite resin that matches the color and shade of your tooth enamel so that the bonded area is never obvious when you smile.

Hen would I need tooth bonding?

Tooth bonding can be used to fix all types of cosmetic issues and concerns. It can also be used as a protective layer over the roots of teeth that may have become exposed due to receding gum tissue. This issue can cause increased tooth sensitivity. Without surface enamel and sufficient gum tissue, eating can become painful. Covering the root of a tooth with composite resin can resolve this issue, decreasing this sensitivity while protecting the roots.

Dental tooth bonding is also a convenient treatment for patients with natural gaps between their teeth. These gaps can trap food and lead to increased risk of tooth decay, in addition to making you feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks. Bonding is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to close those spaces and make eating and dental hygiene easier.

While composite bonding doesn’t have the longevity of porcelain veneers, you should still be able to enjoy their benefits.

Tooth bonding can take years off of your smile, refreshing and beautifying it while helping to preserve your oral health! Call Dr. Sowell, your dentist in Plano, TX at (972) 382-6855 or schedule an appointment online for your complimentary consultation. Why not explore what this versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment can do for you?