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How Smiling Impacts Your Health

Smiling and laughing are always nice. But did you know that smiling often can actually have an impact on your health? Dr. Mark Sowell, a top dentist in Plano, TX, and the rest of our dental staff believe everyone should have a smile that they’re ready to show off. Here’s why

How Smiling Impacts Your Health

Smiling Can Actually Make You Happier

When you smile, your brain releases various molecules that can contribute to brightening your mood. Neuropeptides help you manage stress, serotonin is a mood booster, and endorphins provide some mild pain relief. Even faking a smile can help your brain give you a boost to get through the day.

It Helps Appearance And Confidence

When you’re smiling, people are more likely to want to be around you. And smiling helps you feel better in your own skin, showing that you’re happy with who you are. There’s a reason why smiling is considered contagious. When people see others smiling, they’re more likely to smile themselves.

Smiling makes you look younger, more approachable, and more relaxed. This makes people more likely to want to spend time with you.  Having good people around you can make you feel more confident in your everyday life.

Facial mimicry also comes into play. When you smile, you can start off a chain reaction that goes around the entire room you’re in. We see someone smiling, our brain processes it, and automatically wants to return the smile.

The Importance Of Oral Health

In order for your smile to boost your health and everyday life, you have to feel confident enough to show it off. You can’t make an impact with your smile if you’re too scared to actually show it off to the world. If you want to feel good about your smile, a solid oral healthcare routine is needed.

At a minimum, you should be visiting your Plano, TX dentist at least twice a year and brush and floss your teeth twice a day. These things all contribute to dental hygiene. Preventative care is essential to keeping your teeth free of plaque and tartar. Regular dental exams also help point out developing issues you may not notice.

Cosmetic dentistry is another great way to help you feel more confident in your smile. We offer many different treatment options that are tailored specifically for each unique patient. Whether you just want to whiten your teeth or want a full smile design, we can help make sure you get the smile of your dreams.

As we get older, we’re more susceptible to things like losing our teeth. Missing teeth can really impact the confidence you have in your smile. It can change the entire shape of your face. Dr. Sowell has received extensive training in dental implants. Considered the gold standard of tooth replacement, a dental implant can give you back a full smile again. They both look and feel natural, making them an ideal choice for qualified candidates.

Make Your Smile Its Best With Your Plano, Texas Dentist

Let us help you keep a smile that you’re always ready to show off. Call us or schedule a complimentary consultation online to get started!