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What is Halitosis?

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a dental concern that can be embarrassing to live with. Chronic bad breath can affect patients’ social lives and cause frequent anxiety. There are a variety of causes of bad breath that can be treated with dental care. Dr. Mark Sowell treats bad breath in Plano, TX. He works with patients to learn about their lifestyle, dental history, and current symptoms to better understand their needs. At routine dental visits, Dr. Sowell and his team are able to create comprehensive treatment plans based on the needs of their patients.

Treat Bad Breath in Plano, Texas

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath is most commonly caused by dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, and even gum disease. A dry mouth decreases saliva production and increases the probability of bad breath. Saliva helps clear away food particles that can cause chronic halitosis. Patients who do not brush and floss twice a day are also more prone to halitosis. This is because not cleaning debris and particles that stick to the teeth, gums, and tongue creates bad breath. Periodontitis, or gum disease, occurs when harmful bacteria build on and around the gums. This bacteria feeds on food particles left in the mouth. Early symptoms of gum disease can include gum irritation and tenderness as well as bad breath.

How to Treat Bad Breath

Changing your oral hygiene routine can improve the smell of your breath. Brushing and flossing in the morning and at night makes a big difference. Some patients forget that bacteria can build upon their tongues. Brushing the tongue and even using a tongue scraper can help eliminate bad breath. Patients should also remember to schedule routine dental appointments. Dr. Sowell’s team can provide a thorough dental cleaning and keep an eye on any developing dental problems. If Dr. Sowell finds that gum disease is the source of your halitosis, he will recommend periodontal therapy.

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