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Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

As an experienced dentist in Plano, TX, Dr. Mark Sowell does everything possible to preserve your natural tooth structure. But sometimes, there’s no avoiding the need for a tooth extraction. There are warning signs and symptoms you can be aware of to prepare yourself for the need for a tooth extraction

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

You Have Problem Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the most common teeth that are extracted. As our mouths have evolved and changed over time, they’ve become smaller. Wisdom teeth no longer fit comfortably in our jaws and can cause issues with the rest of our teeth. Sometimes they don’t even erupt at all, causing impaction.

When wisdom teeth erupt, they typically make the mouth overcrowded. They can cause your smile to become crooked and jumbled. If you aren’t able to clean them properly and they aren’t actually functional in your bite, they’re recommended for removal. If they’re impacted in the bone, they can cause pain and infection. They’ll be removed in this case too.

With advanced dental technology, we’ll monitor the progress of your wisdom teeth throughout your dental visits. Typically, they erupt in the late teens or early twenties. We’ll keep you informed about the need for wisdom tooth removal.

Your Tooth is Severely Decayed or Damaged

Sometimes a damaged or decayed tooth may not be salvageable. Techniques are done to see if we can save the original tooth structure first. A root canal may be performed for decay and a dental crown may be suggested to keep the damaged tooth together.

However, if the infection is too deep and risks harming the bone and other teeth in your mouth, it needs to be removed. Getting rid of one tooth may be the solution to saving the rest of your teeth. In these cases, we choose removal to minimize pain and to preserve your oral health for the future.

You’re Suffering From Periodontal Disease

If you’re not managing gum disease effectively, it can impact your entire mouth. Deep infection can spread to the bone and the soft tissues that connect your teeth to the jawbone. The tooth can become abscessed and the infection can also spread to other teeth in your mouth. You should only need teeth removed in this instance if you’ve let your periodontitis get to severe levels.

Your Mouth is Overcrowded

When your mouth is very overcrowded, it can cause pressure and pain throughout your teeth. It can also cause your teeth to shift and overlap each other, causing problems with your bite. In some cases, treatment with Invisalign or other orthodontic options.

In other cases, a tooth will have to be extracted before this treatment is done. There has to be enough room in the mouth to have an even, balanced smile. We’ll evaluate your condition and determine if you’ll have enough room with the current amount of teeth to successfully achieve a healthy smile.

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