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Travel Tips for Your Teeth

When traveling, it’s more difficult to take care of your teeth the way you normally would. Your regular routine is shaken up, and it’s hard to remember to stick to your normal oral healthcare plan. You must still take care of your teeth, even as you’re traveling the globe. Follow these tips to ensure you keep a healthy smile while you’re traveling

Travel Tips for Your Teeth

Get a Checkup Before You Go

As you’re planning for your trip, schedule time for a checkup at your Plano, TX dentist office first. It’s easiest to treat dental problems when they’re caught in the early stages. We also want to prevent you from having a dental emergency in an area you’re unfamiliar with, particularly if you’re outside of the country.

Set an Alarm

It’s about guaranteed that you will have a cell phone or watch with you in your travels. Set an alarm to remind you to brush and floss. Alarms in the morning and the evening are best for brushing twice daily. Plan to floss at least every night when you brush or make a point to do it after every meal.

Be Prepared for Brushing

There are a million things to pack and think about before you go on vacation. A toothbrush can easily skip your mind. In a pinch, put toothpaste on your clean finger or a clean washcloth to at least take care of the surfaces of your teeth. When you get to a place with shops, look for the ADA seal of approval when purchasing a new toothbrush.

Store Your Toothbrush Properly

When you’re at home, it’s easy to let your toothbrush air dry. It’s the proper way to keep it clean and discourage bacterial growth. But this is harder to do when you travel. Make sure you’re storing your toothbrush separately from other things. Don’t let the head of the brush come into content with other things in your bag to avoid contamination.

Vented toothbrush covers are available at stores. They come in varieties that store the entire toothbrush in the case or just the head of it. A plastic bag with a zipper seal is another good way to transport your brush. You can open the bag to allow ventilation when you’re in a place where you’re resting for a bit.

Chew Sugarless Gum

As long as you don’t have braces or other oral appliances, sugarless gum is actually good for your mouth. Look for the ADA seal of approval when you’re purchasing. Chewing sugarless gum for a while after a meal can help prevent cavities. Chewing gum kicks your saliva production into overdrive. Saliva washes away harmful bacteria and food particles from lingering when you’re done eating.

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