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Are Chipped Teeth a Concern?

Chipped teeth are a common dental issue that can harm both the appearance and health of your smile. While chipped teeth may seem minor, they can lead to several adverse side effects. In fact, a chipped tooth can lead to premature wearing or even tooth decay. This is because any damage to the enamel can leave the tooth vulnerable. As a result, it is best to fix a chipped tooth as soon as possible. 

Are Chipped Teeth a Concern?

Premature Wearing

When you have a chipped tooth, the damaged area is weaker and more susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, this can lead to premature wearing of the tooth, leading to sensitivity and pain. If left untreated, premature wearing can lead to further dental problems and even tooth loss. 

To prevent premature wearing, you should talk to your dentist about your options as soon as possible. It is likely that Dr. Sowell will recommend dental bonding depending on the size of your chip. If the chip is severe, you may need a dental crown to restore and protect the tooth from further damage.

Increased Risk of Tooth Decay

Chipped teeth can also increase your risk of tooth decay. When a tooth is chipped, it creates an opening in the enamel that can allow bacteria to enter and cause decay. Additionally, the rough edges of a chipped tooth can make it more difficult to clean the area properly, leading to plaque buildup and tooth decay. 

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

A chipped tooth can also lead to TMJ disorder. TMJ is a condition that affects the jaw joint and can cause pain, discomfort, and difficulty with jaw movement. In addition, when a tooth is chipped, it can cause an imbalance in your bite, putting additional stress on the jaw joint. Over time, this stress can lead to TMJ disorder. 

Without prompt treatment, TMJ can cause tension headaches and even trouble eating. The strain on your jaw and neck muscles can cause significant discomfort. The sooner you can talk to Dr. Sowell, the better. As TMJ progresses, it can become harder to treat. 

Aesthetic Concerns

Chipped teeth can also have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile. When a tooth is chipped, it can create a jagged edge that can be unsightly and make you self-conscious about your smile. Additionally, if the chip is large, it can make the tooth look misshapen or smaller than the surrounding teeth. 

If you have a chipped tooth, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage and dental problems. Dr. Sowell can recommend treatment options to restore and protect the tooth from further damage. By caring for your chipped teeth, you can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for years.