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Treatment for Toothache Plano, TX

How often do you see your dentist? If it takes longer than six months to make your appointment, it’s not uncommon. Your teeth, however, need regular checkups and professional cleanings in order to remain healthy.

Anytime you have toothache pain or wisdom tooth pain, you should see Dr. Sowell or Dr. Chen in Plano, TX. Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen have the latest diagnostic technology to help determine the exact cause of your toothache or wisdom tooth pain.

Sometimes, it is a large, deep cavity that has exposed the nerve of a tooth. Other times, it’s an abscess that causes your toothache. You may also experience tooth pain due to poorly erupted wisdom teeth, which we can remove in one visit. Regardless of the reason for your tooth pain, Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen are experienced and skilled restorative dentists who can eliminate your toothache quickly and comfortably.

Toothache Dentist Plano TX

Treating Tooth Pain

Pain in the mouth may happen for any number of reasons, and they don’t all signal a need for a dental checkup. However, when you have deep pain in your gums or on the tooth surface, it’s time for some dental care. Don’t wait until the pain is excruciating or interfering with regular eating. You should also consider making an appointment with Dr. Sowell or Dr. Chen if the pain hasn’t gone away after a day or two.

Pain may signal cavities, enamel damage, or other issues that our dentist can quickly fix. The longer you ignore these problems, the worse they may become. Addressing them immediately can result in less dental work in the future, which will mean less pain and fewer expenses.

Damage to Teeth

You don’t want to put off seeing our cosmetic dentist in Dallas when you’ve suffered damage to your teeth. Chipped or broken teeth can cut the inside of your mouth and cause infections. Teeth that are losing their enamel are prone to chipping and breaking, and missing teeth can cause the buildup of bacteria. Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen can address these issues more easily and more affordably than you may realize, so you shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment at the first sign of damage.

You can also visit our dental office when you have small concerns regarding your teeth, such as yellowing. We can perform a quick teeth whitening service that is faster and safer than the products found at the supermarket or pharmacy. You should always keep your regular dental care visits, but if other problems occur like those mentioned above, be sure to request an appointment and let our dentist determine whether intervention is necessary.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

If necessary, Dr. Sowell or Dr. Chen will perform a root canal to restore an inflamed or infected tooth. During this procedure, Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen will completely remove the inflamed and infected nerves from the tooth canal. Then, they carefully clean and completely disinfect the canal and fill it with a special white filling, or gutta-percha. Finally, they will cover the tooth either with a dental filling, inlay, onlay, or porcelain dental crown.

In every case, Dr. Chen’s and Dr. Sowell’s first goal is to save your tooth and help you avoid permanent extraction, if at all possible. They have probably saved many of your Dallas, Plano, and Frisco friends and neighbors from the agony of toothache pain and the misery of losing a tooth.