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Implant Overdentures PLano, TX

Implant dentistry now offers a range of treatment options for a more secure and stable tooth replacement. For patients needing a full arch of teeth replaced, an implant-supported overdenture can offer many benefits for oral health and lifestyle. Because fewer dental implants are necessary to secure them, implant overdentures enable a larger number of edentulous patients to use implants and enjoy their benefits.

implant supported overdenture in plano tx

What Is An Overdenture?

Overdentures are custom oral appliances that will attach to several implants. They give you a new, stable, and secure smile that can be removed for cleaning. Implant overdentures can be secured with as few as two dental implants that are placed where the jaw bone is healthy. This allows patients to enjoy improved biting function and more confident speech. An overdenture looks much like a traditional removable denture but will have snaps or clips that attach to the implants. It can be removed daily for cleaning and oral hygiene to keep your mouth healthy.

Dr. Chen has advanced training and experience helping patients find tooth replacement solutions with dental implants. She will work with you to find the most suitable option for your oral health condition and needs. Her goal is to deliver a successful outcome that improves the health, comfort, and function of your smile.

Overdentures: what are the key benefits?

Tooth replacement with dental implants has given patients an option that can restore function and aesthetics that mimic natural teeth. For patients with compromised bone or oral health concerns who are not considered good candidates for an implant denture, overdentures can provide the ability to take advantage of key benefits.

  • Strong biting force: implant supported overdentures provide stringer biting force when compared to traditional dentures, making it possible for patients to enjoy a range of foods and eat with confidence.
  • Improved speech: a more secure denture option, overdentures improve speech ability and clarity.
  • Supports better oral health: the implants placed will support improved bone retention in the jaw and a secure appliance will minimize irritating the gums and soft tissues in the mouth.

Am I A Candidate for Implant Supported Overdentures?

Dr. Chen will meet with you to evaluate your smile and discuss your oral health needs and aesthetic goals. Most patients are candidates for implant supported overdentures if there is enough healthy bone to place 2-3 implants. If you are suffering with a slipping denture, an implant supported overdenture can give you back your smile confidence and an improved quality of life with a more secure smile.