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Dr. Mark Sowell is one of the most highly credentialed dentists in the United States. He is regularly featured in the media and has been named a “Best Cosmetic Dentist” in Dallas by D Magazine and Texas Monthly.

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Mark Sowell featured in magazine for cosmetic dentistry

Mark Sowell featured in Fort Worth Texas magazine

Mark Sowell featured in Dallas Texas magazine

Mark Sowell featured in D Magazine for aesthetic dentistry

Dr Mark Sowell featured in New Beauty Magazine

Dr Mark Sowell in the Dallas TX media

People are visual creatures. It has been that way since the dawn of time. From Helen of Troy to the latest Hollywood ingénue, human beings are moved by a pretty face. There is no need to deny it. Beauty has motivated men and women to move mountains and to write the most remarkable words in history. Unfortunately, beauty is not fair. Only a precious few are considered much fairer or more handsome than their peers, and society rewards these fortunate individuals.

Both men and women agree that a nice smile is one of the most important physical assets a person can possess. Not only is it attractive to look at, but a nice smile is also very hard to fake. And like a picture, it says at least a thousand words. It lets others know what we are thinking, feeling, and more.  When a person is self-conscious about his or her smile, it often has a dramatic effect on their mood, behavior, and how they carry themselves.

Dr. Mark Sowell, DDS, is an expert in the fields of cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry in Dallas.  With the help of his experienced team, he is a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry in the Dallas area. Dr. Sowell also offers a free smile consultation to any prospective patient who is considering popular cosmetic procedures.