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Protecting Your Athlete’s Smile

As fall approaches and children and adults get back into their fall sports, Plano, TX dentist Dr. Mark Sowell recommends getting a custom PlaySafe® sports mouthguards for all athletes, of all ages. Wearing a sports mouth guard can decrease your risk of tooth loss up to 99% in the event of a collision or impact to the mouth.

PlaySafe® brand sports mouthguards are the most used mouthguard through out America, Europe, and Australia. From little league t-ball to professional football, everyone should protect their teeth and jaws from sports related injury. PlaySafe mouthguards are multilayered, custom fit oral devices that are designed to protect your teeth and jaw during impact sports. PlaySafe sports mouthguards can be used for athletes of any age.

custom sports mouthguards with Plano TX cosmetic dentist

Custom fit mouthguards offer exceptional overall protection in comparison to over the counter “bite and fit” alternatives. Dr. Sowell takes impressions of your mouth and our in-house dental lab fabricates the mouthguard in accordance with his precise measurements for a comfortable, secure fit. Custom mouthguards allow the athletes in your life to focus on the game, not on keeping their mouthguard secure. Some studies have even shown athletes perform better while wearing a custom mouth guard.Patients are able to drink and speak while wearing their mouthguard for optimal comfort.

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If you are interested in getting for a PlaySafe mouthguard for yourself or your children, contact our Plano, TX dentist office, or request an appointment online. Getting fit for a mouthguard is a quick, comfortable procedure that could save time, money, stress and your teeth!