Cosmetic Dentures Plano, TX

Modern Solution For Missing Teeth

Whether you are already a denture-wearer or facing the prospect of wearing dental dentures for the first time, you’ll appreciate the precision, craftsmanship, and functionality of today’s cosmetic dentures. They’re comfortable, durable, and much better fitting than traditional dentures. In fact, they offer better function with less worry over them coming loose while you are talking or eating.

Cosmetic Denture Smile Design in Plano, TX

Most dentures today are simply an affordable solution to restoring teeth for someone who has none. Thus, they are usually fabricated in the quickest and simplest way. This process takes away all the customization and characterization of the teeth’s arrangement, position, and even colors.

In our Plano dentist office, we have our own in-office dental lab so that cosmetic dentures are created the same way we approach a full smile makeover, with all the details that any accredited cosmetic dentist from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry would.

Dr. Mark Sowell understands your smile is your personality. We start with records or models and digital photography of where you are today and record any photography you may have of how you used to look if you want that. Then, through imaging and or mock-up in your own mouth, we discover how you want to look.

This sometimes takes an appointment or two and considerable laboratory work, but it is so important for the patient to see the end result before we start.

The information we gather is transferred to our master denture technician. Once the dentures are designed, they are sent back with the final teeth set on a wax base. The patient can try them on and see and feel the final arrangement, color, and bite.

If any corrections need to be made, they are made on the spot as the teeth can be moved in the wax. Once the patient is happy with their new cosmetic denture, the denture is returned to the master denture technician for final processing and fabrication.

Types of Dentures

Thanks to advances in dental implant technology and cosmetic implant dentistry, dentures come in many configurations, including:

  • Traditional removable dental dentures
  • Partial dentures that are removable
  • Implants overdentures (dentures retained & stabilized by implants)
  • One-day dentures
  • Dentures in a day (hybrid fixed-implant dentures)

With Type is Best For You?

Patients who have already had experience with dentures typically have enough bone so they do not slip and slide around. If they are content with the function of their dentures or are simply too afraid of having implants placed, they should consider a cosmetic denture.

For patients who have issues with the retention of their dentures, sometimes a new well-fitting denture will help, but if they do not have sufficient ridge support, they should consider dental implants.

Implant Dentures

A fixed denture implant is for people missing all their teeth, in one arch, or both. This type of restoration is faster & more affordable than single dental implants (one crown on one implant). This new class of fixed dentures has made it possible to have all the benefits of dentures combined with the benefits of dental implants. So it’s faster, easier, and more affordable than single dental implants.

More people today are choosing fixed dentures and denture implants. Thanks to sedation implant dentistry, they are having these procedures done with little or no discomfort and a rapid return to normal living after their denture implant procedures. Sedation dentistry also makes procedures such as dental bone grafting much easier on patients who need dental bone grafts.

Denture FAQs

Can you get implant dentures if you have no bone structure?

No. When a tooth is lost, the underlying bone is no longer stimulated and the bone may break down. If you wait too long before replacing the lost teeth, there will not be enough bone to hold any implants. Dental implants help maintain bone stability and promote healthy bone growth, but only if there is enough bone.

When should I replace my old dentures?

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recommends replacing removable dentures every 7 to 15 years. The range is wide because your dentures can last quite some time with excellent care and oral hygiene. Ask your dentist before assuming that you need a denture replacement.

Why are my dentures turning black?

Improper care is the number-one reason for dentures turning dark, growing mold, and staining. Make sure to brush diligently, wash, and soak your dentures every day before bed. Soaking them in mouthwash will help remove bacteria you might have missed otherwise. Some denture adhesives can also turn dentures black if not completely removed after every use.

Why do my dentures not fit anymore?

Your mouth goes through changes over time. Without natural teeth supporting your mouth structure, changes can be a bit more drastic. Bone loss happens a bit more rapidly, gums can recede faster than normal, and facial sagging can occur. All of these issues and more can lead to dentures not fitting like they used to. That’s why it is recommended that dentures be periodically replaced.

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Imagine having a mouth full of healthy, attractive functioning, and permanent teeth. And imagine having them feel like your own natural teeth. Our implant dentist, Mark Sowell, DDS, MAGD, AACD, offers denture implants, mini-implants, dentures in a day, and cosmetic implant dentistry to the communities of Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and the Southlake County area.