Treatment for Receding Gums Plano, TX

Your teeth are just a part of your smile. Your gums are an important part of a healthy smile, too. Receding gums, often due to periodontal gum disease or tooth loss, clenching and grinding, can take away from your smile and affect your overall health as well as lead to massive gum and tooth loss.

In most situations, Plano, TX dentist Dr. Sowell can replace the gum lost by doing a gum graft (a connective tissue graft) over the root. This restores the tooth to the appearance of the ideal tooth length. At Sowell Sensational Smiles, Dr. Sowell uses his artistic eye and surgical expertise to address the shape and symmetry of your gums.

Whether you have a receding or advancing gum line, you can trust Dr. Sowell to provide solutions to gum recession that will maximize the beauty of your smile.

Emdogain™ Technology

Dr. Sowell uses Emdogain™ technology for some patients with gum recession. Emdogain is a bio-active material that promotes the predictable regeneration of hard and soft tissues lost as the result of periodontal disease.

Benefits of Treating Gum Recession:

  • Produces natural-looking results
  • Enhances periodontal surgery recovery
  • Restores health to gums
  • Protects tooth roots from decay
  • More comfortable treatment compared to alternatives