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Gum Disease Plano, TX

Gum disease is a progressive disease that can lead to the development of advanced dental concerns. It is essential to treat gum disease as soon as possible for the benefit of your health and quality of life. Dr. Mark Sowell and Dr. Sara Chen are two of the leading dentists in Plano, TX for the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.

We use some of the most advanced therapies available, including:

  • Saliva testing to identify the type of bacteria present in the mouth
  • Ultrasonic and dental lasers for non-contact sterilization of gum biofilm
  • Biophotonic scans to measure antioxidant levels and evaluate the host immune response
  • Emdogain technology to stimulate the regeneration of hard and soft tissue

Gum Disease Treatment in Plano, TX

80% of Adults Have Gingivitis

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation of a beautiful smile. Poor gum care can lead to periodontal disease and has been linked to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Gingivitis is a bacterial infection of the gums, affecting more than 3/4 of adults. Depending on the age group, as many as half also have periodontitis, an infection of the gums and bone.

It is critically important to address gum disease in its earliest form to keep it under control. Otherwise, it can lead to many systemic conditions, including heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, low birth weight babies, and autoimmune diseases, as well as bone loss leading to tooth loss.

Unfortunately, patients who are in PPO insurance practices receive inadequate care to control gum disease, as they promote a program of treatment to remove bacteria once in each quadrant of the mouth (scaling and root planing per quadrant).

Since our practice is science-based and not insurance contract-based, we are free to treat gum disease to the fullest extent that will control and contain the progression of gum disease.

Signs & Symptoms of Gum Disease

Some of the signs that may indicate gum health problems, such as gingivitis or periodontal gum disease, include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Receding gums
  • Sore gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Abscess on gums
  • Dental abscess
  • Gum infection
  • Abscessed tooth

How We Treat Gum Disease in our Plano, TX Dentist Office

Dr. Mark Sowell and Dr. Sara Chen are your dentist in Plano, TX, for the advanced treatment of gum disease. The key component to controlling gum disease is eliminating the bacterial biofilm that lives deep within the tissue. It’s like spider webs that encase bacterial lava that lives deep within the gum.

Just cleaning the teeth and removing the bacteria around the tooth outside the gum once will not stop the disease.

For this reason, we repetitively treat the gum infection area every two to three weeks to remove the bacteria and microstimulate the gum, which activates the immune system to attack the biofilm inside the gum.

Ultrasonic & Laser Gum Therapies

In our Dallas area dental office, we use ultrasonics and, in more advanced gum disease cases, lasers to sterilize the gum biofilm area. Topical antibiotics are very effective. To determine which are best, Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen take a saliva sample, which is analyzed in a laboratory to identify the type of bacteria.

From this process, Dr. Chen and Dr. Sowell can prescribe the most appropriate topical and systemic antibiotic to effectively defeat the bacteria and destroy the biofilm in the gum.

Emdogain Technology™

Emdogain™is an innovative, bio-active material that is used to predictably regenerate soft and hard tissue. Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen can apply a protein-based gel to the receding gum area. In just a few months, tissue is regenerated, improving the health and beauty of the smile.

Emdogain Treatment for Gum Recession in plano, Texas

Patient Benefits:

  • Produces natural-looking results
  • Enhances periodontal surgery recovery
  • Restores health to gums
  • Protects tooth roots from decay
  • More comfortable treatment compared to alternatives

Gum Disease FAQs

Is gum disease contagious?

Gum disease can be contagious for people with compromised autoimmune systems or bad oral health. If you have both, you are at risk of getting gum disease from someone who has it. Sharing food, utensils, and saliva can give you gum disease. Although, if you have excellent oral health and are a healthy individual, you are not susceptible to getting gum disease from others.

Can gum disease cause tooth loss?

Yes. Gum disease can cause tooth loss. Tooth loss occurs when gum disease has significantly spread throughout your mouth and has been left untreated for some time. If you have very early signs of gum disease, you are not at risk of losing your teeth just yet.

Leading Dallas Dentist For Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen are the first and only dentists in Plano, Texas, to offer the most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment for gum disease with the biophotonic scanner.

This Nobel Prize-winning device enables Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen to measure carotenoid and antioxidant levels in the body, which indicates an individual’s ability to fight bad bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease.

How It Works

The Biophotonic Scanner is a non-contact diagnostic tool offered as part of the periodontal examination for patients with gum disease. The patient simply holds their palm in front of the scanner. In a few minutes, the scan completes and tabulates a score.

A high score is a positive indication that the body can do its job to control the disease with proper home care (hygiene) and routine dental visits. A low score, however, is an indication that the issue will persist without a boost to the immune system.

Improving Immunity For Oral Health

One first step towards boosting the host immune response is through an improved diet. Eating 10 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per day can raise a person’s antioxidant levels. But this isn’t the case for everyone.

Dr. Sowell shares his experience:

“In my case, I ate 10 or more servings of fruit and vegetables every day for a year and found no change. As it turns out, the problem was my absorption level in my gut and intestines. Without the biophotonic scanner, I would have never been able to realize this. Ultimately, I was able to raise my antioxidant level substantially through nanoparticle supplements. “

Finally, there’s a way to help identify a component of the treatment solution and help people who struggle with chronic gum disease despite excellent home care and frequent gum treatments.

More About Gum Disease & Immune Response

“Gum Disease & Immune System (Host Disease Response)”

Why are older people – who often take better care of themselves than younger people, more likely to suffer from advanced forms of gum disease? The reason has to do with the immune system and low levels of antioxidants.

“Systemic Link to Gum Disease”

Treatment for gum disease has always included the professional removal of the hard and soft bacterial colonies, paired with education on how patients can control soft bacteria at home through regular brushing and flossing. The host immune response, however, has been completely avoided because there has been no scientifically practical method of evaluating the patient’s immune response nor a practical (and predictable) solution. Now, that’s changed.

Cosmetic Gum Treatments

In addition to treatment for gum disease, Dr. Sowell offers a range of other periodontal treatments, including cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance of the gums.

Gum Reshaping Before & After with Dallas dentist

Dr. Sowell improved this young lady’s smile without making any changes to her teeth! This conservative approach involved a gum lift, which decreased her gum display and increased the size of her teeth to the ideal proportions for her face.

Learn More About Cosmetic Gum Treatments

  • Gum Lift: Improves the appearance of a “gummy smile”
  • Gum Graft: Improves the appearance of receding gums