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Dr. Mark Sowell is a general dentist in Plano, TX near youDr. Mark Sowell is a general dentist in Plano TX, who through a constant pursuit of excellence has undergone rigorous postgraduate training. This makes him one of the most credentialed dentists in the north Dallas region.

Most patients are surprised to learn that the majority of dental schools do not teach or only teach introductory courses in cosmetic, advanced restorative, implant dentistry, and laser dentistry. Dr. Sowell has elected to take extensive training beyond the basics to offer patients the highest level of care and comfort.

After dental school, Dr. Sowell attended a one-year general practice residency where he rotated through all the specialties of dentistry for advanced training. About 10% of graduating dentists attend general dentistry residencies before going into private dental practice.

In 1987, Dr. Sowell earned a fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in recognition of postgraduate continuing education. In 1996, he was earned the distinguished title of Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, which is the highest recognition for continuing education the academy offers.

About 2,000 dentists out of the over 140,000 dentists in the United States have this recognition for continuing education.

Dental Services by Dr. Mark Sowell

The purpose of our preventive dental care and general dentistry appointments is to diagnose, treat and manage any aspect of our patient’s overall dental health. We aim to preserve the natural tooth without compromising the integrity of your smile. Seeing our patients every six months allows us to discover any dental issues that may be present and to treat them in a timely manner.

As a restorative dentist, Dr. Sowell also welcomes patients with advanced dental issues who may have neglected their teeth for some time. He offers many services to help patients achieve optimal oral health and then work with them to maintain it.

In addition, he offers many cosmetic dental solutions for those who are simply unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Many times, he will combine treatments to give patients a healthy and beautiful smile.

We offer a full range of general and family dentistry services in our Dallas area dentist office including:

PerioScience Antioxidant Oral Care

Dr. Mark Sowell is pleased to offer patients the PerioScience Oral Care System with a unique suite of antioxidant-based products. These products are available for sale in Dr. Sowell’s Plano, TX dental office. We can recommend the right products to keep your mouth healthy.

PerioScience products contain powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation to prevent gum disease, promote saliva production as a natural antibacterial agent and neutralize bad bacteria for fresher breath. In addition, patients can find products that effectively whiten teeth, minimize tooth sensitivity and hydrate dry mouths.

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