Full Mouth Reconstruction

The terms “full mouth reconstruction,” “full mouth rehabilitation” and “full mouth restoration” are often used interchangeably to describe the rebuilding or restoring of all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. People who need full mouth reconstruction have often been in serious accidents or suffered serious disease that cost them all or most of their teeth. Some patients think of full mouth reconstruction as a smile makeover.

Full mouth reconstruction results

Restorative dentistry involves restoring the mouth to its natural appearance and health. Full mouth restorations typically require restorative dentists performing procedures like crowns, bridges and veneers, onlays and implant crowns. Some of the conditions that may lead to full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Decay or trauma that results in lost teeth
  • Injured or fractured teeth
  • Severely worn teeth as a result of long-term acid erosion (foods, beverages, acid reflux) or bruxism (tooth-grinding)
  • Ongoing complaints of jaw, muscle and headache pain
  • The need for bite adjustments (occlusion correction)

There is no one way to perform full mouth reconstruction. Every patient who walks into our office will have a unique set of dental issues that will need to be addressed. After a consultation with the patient, Dr. Sowell will create a personalized treatment plan that will address every dental issue and concern you may have.

This could involve any combination of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments. We are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health while making their smile beautiful. Full mouth reconstruction refers to the rebuilding of all your teeth and replacing missing teeth. This could range from veneers and inlays on all of your teeth to crowns, bridges and implants.

In a badly broken-down tooth, this may include rebuilding the foundation of the tooth, treating the nerve health, gum and bone treatment and whatever else is needed to restore the teeth to health. Then porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, onlays and bridges may be used to strengthen the teeth, restore function and create their outer appearance as well as replace missing teeth.

Sometimes patients have very dark teeth and want a more attractive smile. They may have a tooth that falls into this category but they do not need all the preliminary work to get the tooth healthy and usable. Either way, we usually do all the work in our office, providing a turnkey service except for root canals.

The patient usually selects oral sedation since the appointments are longer and the sedation makes the time go by uneventfully. If surgical procedures are needed, they can be done with the comfortable WaterLase MD laser.

Our dentist in Plano TX has been providing full mouth reconstructions for 20 years and uses all the techniques he’s learned from Dr. Frank Spear of Spear Education.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before & After

Full Mouth Reconstruction by Dallas dentist Dr. Sowell

This gentleman came to our Plano TX dentist office, unhappy with crowns that had been placed by a general dentist. The crowns were poorly designed and dark along the margins. Dr. Sowell removed the faulty restorations and replaced them with Empress and Emax dental crowns. The result is extremely natural looking and also restores a comfortable bite position to the patient’s smile.