Treatment for Chipped Teeth Plano, TX

When you have a broken tooth, the most important thing you can do is seek immediate treatment. A broken tooth can actually cause many issues if left untreated. Plano, TX dentist Dr. Sowell offers many treatment options for repair – if you see him as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have the tooth repaired, the more you risk damaging the tooth further.

Fix broken teeth in Plano, TX

Dr. Sowell’s solutions for a broken tooth include:

Dental crown – Permanent dental crowns are made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, all-resin, or all-ceramic materials. Each type has its own benefits. Crowns are like ‘caps’ that are custom-made to fit right over the tooth. They provide strength for the tooth and prevent decay.

Porcelain dental veneers – These ultra-thin outer shells can straighten and beautify your front teeth and smile. Porcelain veneers bond directly to the tooth and can hide almost any tooth imperfection.

Root canal – If the root has been exposed or infected by the broken or cracked tooth, a root canal may be necessary to repair and save the tooth. This procedure is performed under local anesthetic and will remove all the infected tissue.

Dental filling – Dr. Sowell uses a tooth-colored filling material that will seamlessly blend in with your tooth.

Tooth bondingTooth bonding involves using a plastic resin material that will be used to fill in the crack or can be shaped to create a missing part of the tooth.

Causes of Broken Teeth

There are many ways a tooth can break or crack. Although anyone can get a broken tooth, it usually happens to people over the age of 50. Causes include:

  • Grinding or clenching teeth
  • Large fillings that cause the tooth to become weak
  • Chewing on hard foods such as hard candy or ice
  • A bad bite that puts too much pressure on a tooth
  • Trauma such as a car accident, fistfight, sports injury, or fall

Why Fix a Broken Tooth?

Broken teeth present cosmetic and oral health concerns. Anyone with a broken tooth on their front teeth will avoid smiling and having face-to-face conversations due to embarrassment. It can cause self-confidence issues and affect a person’s quality of life. Broken or cracked teeth are more susceptible to developing serious infections.

This infection can even spread to the bone and gums. Commonly called a tooth abscess, a tooth infection is very painful, causing swelling, fever, and bad breath. Without treatment, you also have an increased risk of getting a tooth cavity. Severe infections and decay can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Repairing a broken tooth can help stabilize your oral foundation for a beautiful smile. How we treat a broken tooth depends on the location of the tooth and the severity of the damage. We can fix a small break in one visit.

A severely broken tooth may need multiple visits or a more extensive treatment plan. Dr. Sowell will recommend the restorative dental procedure that best restores your smile and help support your long-term oral health.