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Ceramic Dental Lab Plano TX

Convenient In-Office Dental Laboratory

We are one of the few dentists in the state of Texas with an in-building, in-office ceramic laboratory. This amenity gives us the ability to create precision-crafted ceramic crowns and veneers. Dr. Sowell and Dr. Chen are able to communicate directly with the ceramist and make adjustments or color changes on the spot without ever having to see the patient for another visit.

Connected to our Plano, TX dentist office is a full-service, boutique cosmetic dental laboratory owned by master ceramist James Chung. We work with Mr. Chung on all our bonded ceramic restorations.

Dr. Sowell, Dr. Chen, and Mr. Chung collaborate on all smile designs to create the most natural-looking, longest-lasting restorations. The in-office dental laboratory allows us to avoid the problems commonly associated with long-distance lab communications.

in-office ceramic laboratory at our Plano, Texas dentist office

At any point in the process, we can stop and discuss issues, so they never get ignored or missed. Everything is controlled and done in-house to ensure the best possible results and the greatest patient convenience and satisfaction. In an age when most porcelain work is sent off to third-world countries to reduce labor costs or manufactured in mass volume, this is a rare situation.

The demand today is for low-cost laboratory services as corporate dentistry buys up smaller dental offices and negotiates volume services from large profit-driven laboratories. These laboratories often look for the cheapest labor possible to meet contract requirements. Most of the tooth crowns fabricated in the United States are milled by machines. This can reduce the accuracy of the fit and create monochromatic, artificial tooth colors that may wear off over time.

Working Together as a Team with the Lab Ceramist

James Chung, Dr. Chen, and Dr. Sowell work together from the beginning of each new case or smile makeover, from the imaging and photography, mock-up, wax-up, preparation, design, prototype fabrication, and esthetic verification of the prototypes to the fabrication of the final ceramics – bonded veneers or crowns – and try-in and cementation.

In-Office Ceramic Lab

Mr. Chung is available at each final seating appointment when the patient does the final evaluation of their new smile, so if there is any change they want before the ceramics are bonded permanently, the change can be made on the spot to meet the patient’s final approval. This system allows the ceramist to know the patient’s wants and expectations and allows the patient to approve the aesthetics of their new smile before they are bonded permanently in place.

The demands of high-quality cosmetic smile makeovers require this type of attention to detail and highly skilled and artistically gifted professionals. In today’s dental environment, that is very hard to find, and we are very proud we have it here in-house in a boutique-style individualized setting. It’s one more sign of our dedication to quality care and patient satisfaction.