Dental Concerns Plano, TX

At Sowell Sensational Smiles, you’ll discover many solutions for your dental concerns. Just like thousands of your friends and neighbors throughout Plano, Dallas, Frisco, and Southlake County, you can call us for a complimentary consultation at (972) 382-6855 or request an appointment online.

Plano cosmetic dentist near you: Dr. Mark Sowell

If you have any dental concerns, please share them with us at your next dental visit. Having knowledge of your medical history and dental concerns can help our dentists to treat you more effectively.

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Dr. Mark Sowell is an experienced general and family dentist, cosmetic dentist, and sedation dentist near you. He places a special focus on treating patients who suffer from dental problems, cosmetic concerns, and/or fear of the dentist. He offers a full range of general dentistry services as well as cosmetic dentistry.

At Sowell Sensational Smiles, you can expect high-quality, professional care in a comfortable and convenient setting. Dr. Sowell strives to be more than just your dentist but to become your partner in healthcare. Our examinations are comprehensive.

Dr. Sowell will examine the entire masticatory system and how it works with the rest of the body to deliver long-lasting, comfortable, and natural-looking results.