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Why Do I Need Another Filling?

Are you concerned that you’re going to need another dental filling at your next dental visit? Dr. Mark Sowell and his dental team at Aesthetic Dentistry Centre want patients to understand how dental fillings work in their Plano, TX office. On this page, you can discover warning signs that you may need a filling, what to expect during filling treatment, and how to care for your fillings.

Food particles and plaque collect on your teeth over time due to improper oral hygiene, bacteria begin to accumulate. These bacteria release acids and eat away at the tooth enamel — the outer layer of the tooth. When this happens, the tooth enamel begins to discolor gradually depending on how much it has dissolved or weakened. That portion of the tooth will eventually break away and create a hole — what dentists call a “cavity” — in your tooth’s enamel.

Dental Filling in Plano, Texas

How Do You Recognize Tooth Decay?

Common signs of tooth decay include dark spots on the enamel, tooth chips, and holes in teeth. Please contact our office if you notice these symptoms. Tooth decay can usually first be detected when your teeth are sensitive to temperature. It usually progresses to prolonged sensitivity and pain when your bite or chew. Eventually, if you neglect to seek treatment, the pain and sensitivity may worsen, requiring medication for relief.

Dental Filling Treatment

Modern tooth fillings are made of a plastic composite, a tooth-colored material that is soft when applied but hardens. This material chemically bonds to your teeth when exposed to a UV lamp. The costs of your dental filling or fillings depend on their material and size, as well as how much of the tooth structure remains.

A permanent dental filling, when made from composite resin, allows patients to eat immediately after treatment without restriction. Some patients may feel mild to moderate sensitivity in their filled tooth following their treatment, but this should abate within 48 hours.

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