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Treating Dental Injuries in Plano, TX

Do you have tooth chips, breaks, or fractures? Have you just injured a permanent tooth? Contact our office for general and cosmetic treatment. Dental injuries impact the appearance of the smile and can worsen a patient’s oral health. For example, fractures in the tooth enamel can expose dentin, the dark underlayer beneath the enamel. As a result, patients can experience tooth sensitivity and pain. We address injured and broken teeth at Aesthetic Dentistry Centre in our Plano, TX dental office. Fixing broken and injured teeth can alleviate problems like toothaches and also prevent further damage to the natural enamel.

Injured teeth in Plano, Texas

Treating Dental Injuries and Broken Teeth in Plano

There are a variety of ways to address broken, injured teeth in our dental office:

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding treatment uses biocompatible resin to add chipped and cracked teeth structure. The bonding material is highly malleable, which allows us to sculpt it directly to a prepared tooth. We can also color-match the material to blend in with the smile’s appearance. Bonding treatment dramatically benefits patients who have a single chipped or cracked tooth and want to create a stronger and more even smile. Another benefit of bonding treatment is that it offers a quick fix for a sudden dental injury.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, porcelain ceramic shells that we bond to the front of the tooth enamel. Like bonding treatment, veneers are used to cover and protect injured teeth. Although veneers may be more costly than bonding treatment, they benefit patients who have multiple injured teeth, especially in the smile line.

Dental Crown

Crowns are caps that fully cover single teeth. We use tooth crowns made of porcelain ceramic, which we can color-match to the shade of natural teeth. Like traditional metal crowns, porcelain ceramic crowns provide durability to teeth but also match the appearance of the natural enamel. We often recommend crowns for patients with damaged molars.

Tooth Filling

Patients usually receive a dental filling after their root canal treatment. Fillings may also be used for patients that have worn or damaged teeth. Our white fillings address the chewing surface of the teeth and are one of the most effective treatments for molars in the back of the mouth.

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Have you just broken or chipped a permanent tooth? Do you need to cover and protect a damaged tooth? Contact Aesthetic Dentistry Centre for treatment today. If you are a new patient, call (972) 382-6855. Current patients may call (972) 931-0090. You may also request a dental consultation with Dr. Sowell on our website. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have questions about your treatment options or current dental concerns. Our dentists will always be happy to assist you.