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Closing The Gap: Treatment Options

fix gap between teeth treatment in Plano TexasPatients with gaps in their teeth are often self-conscious of the appearance of their smiles and want to close or minimize the appearance of the gaps. Some patients have gaps from early childhood while others may develop later in life. Dr. Mark Sowell offers treatment options for various gap problems in the comfort of his Plano, TX dentist office.

Diastema FAQs

Why do I have a gap between my two front teeth?

We often see gaps in children. Many children will have orthodontic care early in oral development to close the gap allow room for the bite to align properly. Adults with a gap between their front teeth are called diastemas. Diastemas are generally caused by a difference in jaw and tooth size. It is never too late to seek treatment for diastemas.

What are the treatment options to close the gap between my two front teeth?

Dr. Mark Sowell offers cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental services to help adult patients close their diastemas. Depending on your personal oral health and cosmetic goals Dr. Sowell may recommend tooth bonding, porcelain veneers, or Invisalign.

Am I too old to close the gap in my teeth?

It is never too late to receive the dental care you want. With advancements in cosmetic dentistry and dental technology achieving the smile of your dreams is now more attainable and less invasive than ever before. Dr. Sowell provides sedation dentistry for patients who may be avoiding dental care due to fear of the dentist.

Why did I recently develop a gap in my teeth as an adult?

If you begin to develop a gap or gaps between your teeth later in life it could be caused by something other than sizing issues. Tumors, tooth loss, gum disease and self-inflicted behaviors such as tongue thrusting can all cause spaces to develop between your teeth. If you recently noticed gaps forming between your teeth it is very important to seek help as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can help avoid further separating or other oral health complications.

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If you have had a gap in your teeth for years, or if you have recently developed gaps, contact our Plano, TX dentist office to find out what cosmetic treatment can help you achieve a beautiful and balanced smile.