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Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Do you need dental implants? Are you curious about how long dental implants last?

Dr. Mark Sowell offers single dental implants, all-on-four treatment, and teeth-in-a-day in Plano, Texas. He also provides dental bridges and dentures that can be secured with dental implants. Dental implants last patients 15 years or longer with the right professional care and maintenance. But in what instances can they fail? And what does treatment with dental implants entail? Learn more about dental implants below:

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Can Dental Implants Fail?

There are several factors that can cause an implant to fail. People who suffer from diabetes or a preexisting medical condition are at a higher risk of implant failure than other patients. Low bone density may cause a failure for implants to heal into the jawbone. Furthermore, dental implants need to be maintained with regular brushing and flossing. Poor oral hygiene and gum disease can also put you at risk for a failed implant.

Dental Implant Treatment

After thoroughly examining the teeth and gums, Dr. Sowell will review your budget and goals with you. He may also recommend another restorative treatment that can be secured with dental implants depending on your personal needs.

Dental implants consist of a titanium post, abutment, and dental crown. Dr. Sowell begins treatment for single and multiple implants by inserting the titanium post into the jaw bone. After a healing period of three to six months, during which the post fuses to bone tissue, the abutment and custom dental crown will be attached to the post. The crown is custom made for a natural look. Many patients will find that their implants help improve their speech and chewing ability. Treatment with implants differs depending on whether you are receiving a dental bridge, denture, teeth-in-a-day, or all-on-four.

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